The Original

Small Red Bug.
Big Time Relief.

The #1 selling treatment for chigger bites is back, and it definitely takes a bite out of pain and itch. Same great formula. Same iconic packaging. Same amazing relief. Bug bites don’t stand a chance.

about chiggerex
Chiggerex Pain Relieving Ointment
our formula

The original pain relieving ointment.
Fast, soothing relief for bug bites.

  • 10% Benzocaine

    Instant relief
    from pain
    and itch

  • Aloe Vera


  • chamomile

    Soothes skin
    and reduces
    signs of redness

For over 50 years, our unique formula formula with active ingredient benzocaine has helped generations of people find relief from the dreaded little red bug. Chiggerex is a unique pain relieving ointment that absorbs quickly into skin without leaving any residue and has a pleasant peppermint scent. But the thing people really love about it is how fast Chiggerex works. So trust us, we haven’t changed a thing—because there’s only one Chiggerex.

about our formula
For Chiggers & More

No matter the bite, we’ve got you covered.

While it was originally created for chiggers, Chiggerex is an excellent remedy for all types of insect bites. Mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, bees, flies, ants—Chiggerex helps relieve the pain and itching from all of them.

About Bug Bites
  • Chiggers

  • Ants

  • Flies

  • Mosquitoes

  • Spiders

  • Ticks


What our customers are saying

Your product is amazing – works better than any other brand that I have ever used. This is the only product I am using for bug bites from now on. Thank you!

– Jessica K

Many thanks for Chiggerex. I panicked when it wasn’t available for awhile. Chiggerex is simply the best product I’ve ever used to relieve the itching of bug bites. Thank you!

– J Grantz

I had 28 chiggers itching was driving me crazy. OMG you saved my life. Thanks for a great product will highly recommend it to others. In about an hour after applying itching was gone.

– Harold T

My husband had a very bad case of chiggers. We bought nearly every OTC bite cream available, but nothing helped. A friend recommended Chiggerex and we are so glad he did! It helped immediately!

– Arkansas MommaShopper

Chiggerex works on just about any type of bite. Calms and soothes any irritation. I live in Florida where the insects are everywhere, so I keep this product on the coffee table. Try it, you will love it.

– Tampacoder

Chiggerex is the best bug bite cream we have found. Nothing works like this does. My grandchild is allergic to any type of bug bite and this cream works wonders. It's Awesome!

– Meme

The only ointment that works for Texas size itching.

– Elizabeth

A must have for the Summer. Very effective. Heals bites quickly. Will keep some from now on in the medicine cabinet.

– Ken251

Insects are attracted to me like no one else I know. They often leave blisters or welts. I like Chiggerex because it works and it's not a greasy liquid, so it dries and doesn't get on everything.

– Melissa

Chiggerex works great, even on red ant bites, which makes this purchaser extremely ecstatic. It's a worthwhile buy.

– USCGRetired

I use this every summer because I get poison ivy & tick bites living in the country. I like this best because it simply stops the itching & doesn't dry my skin out like the other remedies for itching.

– ValB

Mosquitoes heavily populate my yard this summer… THANK GOODNESS I FOUND CHIGGEREX!! Quick relief as soon as CHIGGEREX is applied. Love your product.

– Josephine

Where to Buy

The return of a true original.

Chiggerex belongs in every first-aid kit, medicine cabinet and backpack. Now you can once again find it in the first-aid section of your local drug store, or at your favorite online retailer.